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Puncom is India's premier Telecom and IT equipment and solution provider company having successfully supplied and implemented a host of state-of-the-art Telecom, Software and integrated turnkey solutions across the country.

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Information Systems Division (ISD) in Puncom is over 15 year old and has over the years accumulated extensive experience in ERP, Computer telephony and telecom software. The combination of the company's software and telecom expertise has given it the capability to undertake comprehensive information technology projects encompassing the entire range of convergent technologies, viz. Computer hardware & Software, Telecom (Transmission, Wireless, VSAT, etc.), Networking (LAN & WAN) and Internet technologies.

This Division has since accumulated valuable skills and experience through implementation of a diverse range of Information Technology projects for the domestic and international customers.

Facilities include:

  • Core IT manpower with more than 100 engineers and 50 qualified software professionals

  • 10,000+ sq. ft. of Air Conditioned Floor Space and 100 Workstations

  • A Diverse Hardware Platform range including Intel, HP, SUN, Digital

  • High-speed Internet & International Links

  • Multiple Servers - Linux, Unix, Windows, Oracle, Sybase, SQL

Processors / DSPs / Chipset tool kits

Motorola 68EN302, 68HC11, PowerPC
Texas MSP430, DSP TMS 54x, 62x, 64x
VoIP / DSL Chipsets

PUNCOM undertakes projects across the entire Information Technology Spectrum to address the current and future needs of the Domestic & International Software markets.

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Large pool of experienced technical manpower.                 Strong infrastructure & manufacturing experience.            Top level tech support.

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State of art infrastructure.            Access to top level technology.      Experienced manpower & industry recognition.

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